PROKOSCH Ball Valve with Injector, Model 470


Available in material combinations of aluminum, cast iron and stainless steel.

  • Nominal pressure PN10
  • Nominal diameter DN80 / DN100
  • Min. Temp.1) -15 / -20 / -40 °C
  • Max Temp.2) +80 / +180
  • Inlet: TW-Flange per DIN 28460
  • Outlet: External Thread (ET)
  • Threaded per DIN ISO 259

You can download the data sheet here.

Short Description

PROKOSCH ball valves are suitable for use with granulated, pulverized media as well as neutral liquds, suspensions and gases. They are characterised by the use of fewer individual parts, space-saving elements as well as easy operation and a long service life.

The full bore trunnion mounted ball reduces flow resistance and wear to the ball and seats to a minimum and provides a low switching torque over the entire pressure range.

Thanks to their modular design, PROKOSCH ball valves are easy to configure and our standard designs and options have been proven in a wide range of applications. Since the ball valve does not have any ignition source, it can also be configured for safe use in various ATEX applications.

DN PN LW L D / K t / G1
80 (3″) 16 78 245 154 / 130 24 / 3″
100 (4″) 16 97 283 174 / 150 24 / 4″

Please download data sheet for more information and weights.

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