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We stand for the all-round carefree package for demanding control and shut-off duties. Our customers include original equipment manufacturers, plant and machine manufacturers, and plat operators. Our products and spare parts are generally available worldwide at short notice, both via original equipment manufacturers and via the PROKOSCH’s dealer network.

Our customers see us as a trustworthy and long-term partner. Fairness, reliability and honesty are among the most important principles in dealing with our customers, suppliers and employees.

Personal Touch – it is important to us – even in a digitalized world – to maintain personal business relationships, as well as to offer positive and personal support and to respond flexibly to customer needs.

With more than 60 years of industrial experience, modern manufacturing and technical know-how, and with hundreds of thousands of pumps and valves already delivered to thousands of customers worldwide, we are a competent and reliable partner.

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Our products are made to withstand the tough, changing conditions of everyday life on road and rail. They are used to transport building materials, wood pellets or chips, crystalline, granulated or powdered food, animal feed, industrial, agricultural and municipal waste, dangerous goods (ADR), fuels, other mineral oils, waste oil, fertilizers, salts, dried and wet sludges and much more.

The robust, modular design of our valves ensures reliable operation and long maintenance intervals. Easy maintenance and the reliable availability of wear parts make our products the first choice when it comes to transport applications. Because we know what matters, our valves are available with other useful features: ring nozzles to accelerate the flow, sight glasses for monitoring, anti-static or clog-free designs, and extended options for cleaning the dead space of our ball valves.

Of course, all PROKOSCH valves can be automated with various automation packages.

Because PROKOSCH products are recognized as safe and sophisticated over many years, they are used in the field of aviation refueling in hydrants, refueling vehicles as well as tank farms worldwide.

Special features, such as the integrated dead space relief, enable efficient periodic hose checks and contribute to high operational safety as well as protection of the environment and operating personnel.

Our products are robust and characterized by the use of fewer components. This results in low maintenance requirements, simple operation, reliable operation and long service life. In line with the European Green Deal on repairability of products, they can be disassembled without special tools, are easy to maintain and can be quickly repaired due to high availability of wear parts.

In the field of conveying technology, our, mostly automated, valves are also used. PROKOSCH not only supplies you with the right valve for your problem, but also provides you with fully equipped assemblies with extensive automation accessories. In addition to our standard PROKontrol components, which are available from stock, we cooperate with all leading manufacturers in the field of valve automation. Special designs with regard to coating, lining, armoring, as well as connection variants according to international standards (DIN-EN, ANSI, JIS) are also possible.

Whether feeding, spreading, distributing or spreading, whether washing, conveying or transporting: PROKOSCH valves are an indispensable part of modern agriculture. Clear advantages result from our modular principle and the associated minimization of components; easy operation, reliable operation and long service life.

They can be found on binder spreaders, containers, slurry spreaders, washing systems, silo and silo trucks and wherever reliable, robust technology is required. In line with the European Green Deal on the circular economy, we ensure sustainability by using recyclable materials and making products easy to repair.

From the simple manually operated valve to the fully automated assembly equipped with sensors, PROKOSCH provides you with versatile, well thought-out solutions.

Whether tank farms, pneumatic conveying, loading stations or silo plants up to construction site silos; be it gases, hazardous liquids, slurries, dispersions, dusts, ashes or granulates: with PROKOSCH valves you have everything under control. Their robust, repair- and maintenance-friendly design keeps operating and maintenance costs low and plant availability high.

By using suitable materials and components, a PROKOSCH valve adapts to your requirements. In addition, special designs with regard to coating, lining, armoring, connection variants according to international standards (DIN-EN, ANSI, JIS) are possible.

The waste and recycling industry relies on PROKOSCH. Our fittings according to EN14432:2006 can be found wherever waste oils, emulsions or sludges have to be disposed of or transported in accordance with ADR/RID.

Whether it is slags, ashes or dusts from waste incineration, energy management, industry or waste water disposal; PROKOSCH has the right fitting when dealing with the raw materials of the future. Our solutions can also be found on municipal, suction and blowing vehicles. The robust, modular design, easy maintenance as well as secure availability of wear parts ensure reliability and a long service life.

PROKOSCH products have a long tradition in disaster control and defense technology. Inseparably connected with the name PROKOSCH are the pumps driven by a water turbine, which are part of the equipment of many voluntary, professional and plant fire departments.

Today, PROKOSCH valves are used in defense technology and disaster control, e.g. for refueling, water supply, extinguishing systems or hydrants. In other words, wherever not only low weight and compact design are important, but also reliable operation and safe handling. In addition, our valves are easy to maintain and repair without special tools.