Key to Model Numbers


The product designation and other important information, such as the pressure rating, can be seen on the type plate attached to the product. The nominal diameter is indicated metrically. Should the permissible operating pressure deviate from the nominal pressure, this shall be indicated in the “Betr. Druck” field.

The model, nominal diameter and design variation, i.e. seat design and materials used can be determined from the order number. The order number can be found in the “Bestell Nr.” field. The order number consists of at least three digits, e.g. 400/100/2. Other digits and expressions of the order number are reserved for options such as /FA for “anti-clogging” or /SO for “drilled top flange for actuator adaptation” or other specifications deviating from the standard. In case of enquiries, if known, please always provide the complete order number.