Technical Support

Technical support for the products is best obtained from our technical sales department at or the telephone number +49 7259 9103 18. Questions regarding shipping and invoices can be answered by our administration department at or the telephone number +49 7259 9103 12.

In the event of complaints, all enquiries about the purchased products should generally be addressed to the seller, e.g. PROKOSCH trading partners and dealers or, if applicable, to us directly. This shall ensure the most effective and prompt handling of complaints in cooperation with PROKOSCH.

Please follow the instructions given here and under no circumstances send goods back to us unless requested to do so by us!

We are happy to support you with your PRKOSCH products. For our technical support, however, we assume that you have read the product-relevant documentation and know the order number of the product. In addition, or if you do not know the product number, you can send us a photo of the product and type plate with your enquiry.

Technical support is best obtained from our technical sales department at or by telephone at +49 7259 9103 18.

All our valves can be easily serviced without the use of special tools. In case of repair, damaged parts are usually replaced with new ones. The required spare parts packages as well as individual spare parts are usually available in stock from PROKOSCH trade partners and dealers or directly from PROKOSCH.

Both maintenance and repair can be carried out by the customer. It must be ensured that this work is carried out professionally in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and exclusively by trained personnel. We will be happy to carry out the repair or overhaul for you after the inspection has been completed and our cost estimate has been approved.

For this, please contact our technical sales department at or phone +49 7259 9103 18.

Please follow the instructions given here and under no circumstances send damaged goods back to us unless so requested by us!

In the case of externally visible damage, a complaint must be made immediately after delivery. In the case of deliveries by post or parcel service, please have the damage confirmed by the deliverer. If the delivery is made by a forwarding agent, please describe the damage briefly on the consignment note and have it countersigned by the driver. Please also note the vehicle registration number of the vehicle.

The following applies to damage that is not visible from the outside:

Delivery by post: Immediately inform the responsible post office (notification period 24 hours) and request an inspection and a record.

Delivery by parcel service: Report the damage to the responsible depot (reporting deadline 24 hours).

Delivery by forwarding agent: Notify the forwarding agent and request an inspection. Certify the damage on the consignment note.

Please also report the transport damage to us and provide us with proof of damage. However, please do not return any damaged goods to us unless we explicitly request you to do so.

Do not return any goods to us under unless so requested by! In order to ensure a quick and smooth processing, please adhere to the following procedure:

  • Please inform our technical sales department in advance about the intended return and clarify whether the return delivery is approved and how the return delivery will be organised as well as who is responsible for paying the freight costs. You can reach our technical sales department at or by telephone on +49 7259 9103 18.
  • If a return of the goods has been agreed, please enclose a copy of our delivery note or a copy of our invoice with the goods. In any case, we require the order number, delivery note number, invoice number or transaction number.
  • Please state on your return delivery note the reason for the return of the goods and the name of our employee with whom you made the agreement.


Our acceptance of a return delivery does not automatically constitute our acceptance of a complaint. A decision whether a complaint is acceptted or not can only be made after examination of the facts and the goods. Furthermore, we reserve the right to refuse acceptance of any delivery of goods, in case the above procedure is not followed.